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Double Flap Airlock® Valves
H-Series / Premiere Valve
R-Series / Radial Valve
S8-Series / Low Profile Valve
PCV-Series / Pollution Control Valve
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"The Plattco Double Flap Airlock® Valves we purchased have saved us many thousands of dollars in electricity and maintenance over the
last year."
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Plattco’s Double Flap Airlock® Valves
Solving material handling problems that no other valve can.

For companies who need a seal that won’t leak, they choose -- and recommend -- Plattco Valves. They know with Plattco Double Flap Airlock® Valves they will get a valve that will:

  • ensure a reliable, long-lasting seal ... even when the material is abrasive or corrosive... pressurized or subject to extreme temperatures;
  • be easy and inexpensive to maintain for decades of “like new” operation; and,
  • fit their specific applications, using Plattco’s 50 years of experience engineering valves for facilities all over the world.

The difference is our patented high-pressure mechanical seal. It reduces maintenance costs, eliminates damage caused by air cutting and seals up to 40 psi.[learn more]

H-Series / Premiere Valves are ideally suited for dry material handling with thousands of successful applications in industries around the world.

R-Series / Radial Valves combine the same features of the H-Series with an air tight radial seat and flapper.

S8-Series / Low Profile Valves are built with the same rugged design as our famous H-Series Valve at roughly half the height for applications when headroom is restricted.

PCV-Series / Pollution Control Valves provide a lower-cost alternative that is perfect for pollution control systems and other low pressure (< 2 psi) applications, with the same profile as the S8-Series.


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Plattco Corporation is the recognized leader for valves that solve material handling problems in a wide variety of industries. Plattco specializes in the design and manufacture of Double Flap Airlock® Valves and associated multi-purpose slide gates as an important part of dry material handling systems.

Industries / Applications For demanding conditions, Plattco valves are the ideal choice when you need a seal that performs, including Precipitator, Baghouse, Clinker Cooler, Cyclones, Ash Handling, Air Heater Hopper, Burner Chute, Bulk Handling, CFB Boiler, Dust Collector, Grinding Mill, Kiln, Preheater Hopper, Pneumatic Conveying, Screw Pump Replacement, Spritzer Trap, Vacuum Systems, Filter Receivers, Classifiers, Alternate Fuel Feed Airlock, Storage Silos, Cooling Towers, Air Slides, Conditioning Towers, Coal Mill Feeder, Construction, Boiler Feed, Coal-fired Power Plants, Fluid-bed Boiler Discharge, Pressure Transport Systems, Waste to Energy, Positive Pressure Conveying Systems, ESP Valves, Dust Collection, Superheaters, Scrubber Discharge, Boiler Bypass, Higher Temperature, Kiln Cyclone Airlocks, Reactor Valves, Energy & Incineration, Mining, Pollution Control, Environmental Systems, Recycling, Gasification.

Materials / Media Plattco built its reputation on reliable, resilient valves that tackle the toughest conditions. If you have a highly-abrasive, high-temperature material, there is no better choice than Plattco. We have more than 50 years experience handling Aggregate, Alumina Chips, Alumina Powder, Alumina Rocks, Animal Feed, Asphalt, Glass Beads, Metal Beads, Plastic Beads, Broken Glass, Bulk Powder Solids, Carbon Ash, Casting Sand, Cement, Finish Cement, Raw Cement, Dry Chemicals, Clinker Dust, Coal, Coal Dust, Concrete, Corn, Crushed Glass Dust, Fiberglass Dust, Fiberglass Granules, Fly Ash, Foundry Sand, Glass Furnace Dust, Graphite, Gypsum Rock, Gypsum Pellets, Kiln Dust, Lead, Lead Chips, Lead Powder, Metal Powders, Metal Shavings, Minerals, Paper Pulp, Quarry Dust, Rocks, Silica, Soybeans, Soy Flour, Stone, Stone Dust, Styrofoam, Talc, Tungsten Carbide, Waste Material, Wheat, Wood Chips, Wood Dust.

Equipment / Industry Terms With the number of products Plattco carries and the industries we serve, there are various terms which may apply, including: Double Flap Gate Valve, Double-Flap Airlock® Valves, Double Dump Valves, Airlock Valves, Plattco's, Industrial Valves, Metal Valves, Air Valves, Double Flap Airlock Valves; as well as, Material Handling Gates, High-Cycling Gates, Isolation Gates, Maintenance Slide Gates, Gate Valves, Knife Gates, Knife Gate Valves, Slide Gates, Slide Valves, Low Profile Gates, Multi-purpose Gates and Feeder Gate Valves.

To determine the ideal Plattco valve for your demanding conditions, contact us today.