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Plattco Valve and Slide Gate Application Sheet:

Material Specifications


Maximum Temperature:    F    C
Bulk Density (lbs/ft3):
Flow Rate (lbs/hour):
Typical Particle Size:
Maximum Particle Size:
Moisture %:      Surface   Inherent
Abrasiveness:           Very   Moderate   Mild   Not
Corrosiveness:          Very   Moderate   Mild   Not
Flowability:                Good   Poor   Packs   Bridges


Operating Parameters


Valve Function: New Valve   Replacement Plattco Valve
                      Vent Valve   Other:
Equipment Above:
Pressure Above:
Equipment Below:
Pressure Below:
Size Required:    inches   cm
Head of Material: Yes   No
Height Available:    inches   cm
Air Available: Yes   No
Voltage Available:
Valve to close against standing column: Yes   No


Valve Preference


Valve Series:   H   S8   PCV   R   Other


Actuator Preference


Actuator:    Pneumatic   Electric*   Gravity
                 Hydraulic   Other
*If electric please specify the voltage required:  




Solenoid Valve: Yes   No Mounted: Yes   No
Limit Switch: Yes   No Mounted: Yes   No
NEMA Enclosure: Yes   No Mounted: Yes   No
Proximity Switch: Yes   No Mounted: Yes   No
Indicate:    Open   Closed   Both  
Guards: Yes   No Timer: Yes   No
Filter Regulator (FR): Yes   No  


Special Information / Specifications





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